Yes, Its Good to compare with Others…

Don’t compare with others! That’s what everyone keeps telling. But Why not?
I say its good to compare with others, but do it with this small shift in mindset.
Compare yourself with others in the Future. Ask this Question:-
In the next 3 years where I will be and where s/he will be?
Do this for every comparison you make, big or small. You will be achieving much higher success thru this and be more determined to see yourself at your bests!

A Mind’s Favourite Time Pass….


Minds Favourite Time pass

Past, Pity, and Anger
A Mind’s Favourite Time Pass
So most of the time it spends with them
Even though it knows there is nothing beneath them

Hence lend your mind Action and Act
Don’t allow it to play dwelling act.

If only you control the mind
And keep believing in Action.
Action becomes you in time
And Life becomes Inspiring & Kind.


How to build the Best Team…

“Best Team” is the holy grail for any company big or small. But it’s not easy to build a top-notch team. Here are a few things, that’s critical to build the “Best Team”
# Hiring:– Hiring is one of the most complex problems. Its a multi-billion dollar industry but still difficult to find the bests. It’s not about skill-set but a lot of soft parameters and that’s where we fail to judge most of the times.
Further budget constraints, timing issues – how to hire a skill-set at a particular time. Attitude & culture fit with the current team.
All this makes it much more difficult. So how do we hire the best person with the right skills, the right attitude, fits well with the team?
One solution is to always keep hiring, keep looking for talent, especially in the most critical teams. For example, if you are a tech company, always keep looking for good tech talents. Always!
# Invest in your best performers:- Focus on best performers they are your assets, nurture them to go the next level. With this, your team can grow in the best way possible.
# Layoff non-performers ASAP:- Don’t be scared to fire non-performers as soon as you know. Things are already in a mess if you have a non-performer.
Forget trying to mold them, giving them chances, you are wasting your critical time and money. More than anything it actually de-motivates the performers as well. Move on fast…
It gives another reason to keep hiring to replace the non-performers as soon as possible.
# Strong HR:- Don’t think of HR as a support function. HR is most critical for both hiring and creating productive teams. They help build culture, team motivations and help scale the team. Build a strong HR team.
# Build Team Top Down:- Hire the leaders first, invest time in hiring the best managers or team leaders. They can help you build the “Best Team”. This might be difficult because of budget constraints but whenever possible try to do get the Seniors or Leaders first in the team.
I find the above points very critical for the making of the “Best Team”, though it’s not full proof. Let me know your thoughts by adding comments below.

Roads or Buildings?


Road: A road is a thoroughfare, route or way on land between two places to allow travel and communicate.
Building: A building, is a structure with a roof and walls standing in one place, such as a house or factory.
If you compare, buildings do not stay more than 100 years but roads do. Once a road constructed it gives unanimous approval to connect and travel forever. Buildings, on the other hand, begin to morph as soon as the owner or tenant decides they need to.
Roads are a platform in that sense whereas Buildings are utilities that need to be changed with age and time.
When creating an organization, technology or any kind of culture, the roads are worth far more than the buildings.
So how do we want to do things around here Roads or Buildings?

Fear of Exams

“Fear of Exams” is it good or bad for success? The same is true for a job interview, presentation to a team, performing in front of an audience or in sports.
We all have been into these high-pressure situations. “The Fear” is one of the critical factors, which pushes us to fail or succeed. Is it good or bad for us to be in fear and prepare ourselves? Let’s look at Pros and Cons:
Advantages of “The Fear”:
#”The Fear” boosts our mind and body allowing us to focus continuously hence increasing our chances to succeed.
#Sometimes with the adrenaline rush of “The Fear” we solve much harder problems in these difficult situations, which might not possible in normal situations.
#With Practice to tackle “The Fear” it becomes easier, we stop fearing Exams (Or Interviews, etc) and grow more confident in all areas of Life.
Disadvantages of “The Fear”:
#If failed, we get in a state of turmoil and depression. Self-doubting ourselves, never logical thinking that our preparation might not be enough. And because of so much pressure, it leads to negative(Suicidal) thoughts. Especially, in case of the younger generation.
#Even if we succeed the experience is traumatic and we start avoiding it. Think about it, a job Interview even if you succeed you still remember it as a fearful experience. Avoiding interviews in future if possible. It’s more because of “The Fear” mentality than the actual interview process.
#”The Fear” leads to short term thinking, more driven because of social and peer pressure. We completely miss the bigger picture of life. If we want to become a programmer how does failing in one job interview hinders our goal. There are a lot of other ways to become a programmer like to become a freelancer. But since we get into “The Fear” mode we look at it as do or die situation, which is not true!!!
My vote is to get rid of “The Fear of Exams”. Look at life more long term with a goal (Or set of goals) and keep working towards it. We may still fail but will be more persistent and determined to succeed and achieve it. Moreover will never fear to try it again and again and hence be more successful!