Success Factors…

Goal Settings – Set short-term and long-term goals.

Positive Thinking – Think positively to attain goals.

Visualizing – Visualize your goals as much as possible, and think about what will happen if you achieve them.

Believing – Belief in self and your team.

Hard work – Work hard with determination and things will start turning toward your goals.

Expectations shouldn’t run your daily chores…

We should not run our daily chores based on expectations but should run them based on our habits, our dreams, and our goals. 

Expectations are flimsy, they are whimsical, and they are like half-cooked dreams which don’t give us proper direction or allow us the path.

I am expected to write daily, nope, I write from 7 am-8 am daily. I am expecting it will happen, nope it didn’t happen, need to make it happen.

Another problem with expectations is it cascades failures, if you fail in one, you fail in the next and kind of keep failing next to next till the day is over. 

The action of doing with a routine is much more powerful than expectations, expectations deter us with questions, if I write will it help? Why it will not help? etc

So don’t keep expectations, keep goals, keep habits, keep actions, just do it daily, weekly and monthly.

You can still learn from bad peers…

We routinely play Badminton, but lately, we are not getting good opponents to play. 

Since the opponents are not good, we don’t enjoy playing and we don’t improve ourselves. 

So we can either stop playing or make the best of the situation by trying things, i.e experimenting. Try new shots, try backhands or try new servicing. 

In life sometimes this happens where you don’t enjoy, you don’t see any growth, and you are stagnant, but you can always make the best of it. And keep learning & keep enjoying.

Wings of Fire…

I have read many books on self-help, management, and leadership, of US companies, and of billionaires.

But of them all, “Wings of Fire” by A. P. J. Abdul Kalamji is one of the top books I read in all the verticals.

It’s not just the story of a man – Kalamji, a leader, a visionary but a story of the definition of vision, the definition of wealth, the definition of impact, the definition of management, and most important definition of one’s destiny to achieve success.

In contrast to today, where wealth is defined by How rich you are? How much money did you collate? Where u travel? Where u live? Where u work?

It shows a journey, where wealth is defined by how much impact you have on your country, on your team, and on your people.  

I run a company where we have impacted 10 million students, and we have helped them succeed in their education. We have very less revenue and we are on a verge of closure. But this book guided me to see this as a success rather than a failure.  Impacting 1 Crore student’s education in India is a dream come true thru my company. Yes, we couldn’t raise funds, and yes we couldn’t generate enough revenue. But if there would have been really good governance in India, it would be a different story. (But this is a story for another day).

Read this book to understand what really wealth is, or could be. Understanding how your destiny helps you to take a path that sometimes baffles you. 

Also to learn how to manage people. Learn how to be a humble leader at the same time a visionary leader and learn how our faith can help us achieve anything in life.

You can control your destiny?

Let’s say we know what we are destined to become, we all want to be rich and have the highest accord in our own work areas. 

Someone who is an IAS wants to be the most famous highest level of IAS. 

Someone who is an engineer wants to be the highest paid etc. 

Someone who is an entrepreneur wants his/her startup to be a unicorn 

Someone who is an MLA/MP wants to be PM or CM one day.

etc..etc…you got the point…

Now let’s look at it from God’s perspective and to simplify it let’s say we have a total of 100 people in the whole world and 10 verticals. And in each vertical we have 10 people, so total of 10×10 = 100 people. Now all the 10 people want to be in the top 1%, i.e be the one and only one in the top. Is it possible? Even if you are God it’s not possible. Only 10 slots can be filled by 10 verticals. 

The other 9 in each vertical will not reach their destiny, only 1 out of 10 will reach their destiny.

Now expand this 100 to the current world population and this 10 verticals to the vast no. of verticals. And you got a complex mesh of people trying to reach their destiny. 

Fortunately, there is a flaw in this logic;

In real life, not everyone knows their work verticals nor do they actually know their destiny. It takes time and an environment to really understand your destiny. Most of the time God or Fate or Luck decides our destiny, to help manage this chaos for all living forms (Yes it’s not just for us human beings but for all living forms).

Hence most of the literature says:

“कर्म करो फल की चिंता मत करो” 

– Gita

You keep doing your work and don’t worry about the results. Results will happen if not today, if not tomorrow but someday it will happen! 

Accept your destiny and go ahead with your life. You are not destined to become an Air Force Pilot. What you are destined to become is not revealed now but it is predetermined. Forget this failure, as it was essential to lead you to your destined path. Search, instead for the true purpose of your existence. Become one with yourself, my son! Surrender yourself to the wise of God” – Swamiji to A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

So do you really think we can control our destiny?

How to think big?

We can achieve big dreams in life only by thinking big.

So how to think big?

#To think big, dream, dream while u sleep, dream while u r awake.

#To think big, think about others, how you can impact others, not about u.

#To think big, ask questions, and look for different answers.

#To think big, think why not how.

#To think big, be with someone who thinks bigger, it rubs off on you.

#To think big, read about people, read history, why they did it? how they did it?

#To think big, think long term – 5 years from now, 10 years from now.

Gloomy days…

Gloomy days are an important part of life, as they remind us of small things that are more important than the bigger things.

Like the morning tea – Whatever your mood it swings back to good.

Like the mindful yoga – It rejuvenates the day.

Like watching the sun play hide/seek – Waiting for sunlight to comeback.

Like the kiss to/from kids – It gives you instant energy.

Like the kiss from ur partner – It reminds you someone loves u no matter what. 

Like sitting all together in the living room – Talking about random things in life.

Like calling a friend – Reminding us we are not the only one getting old or stuck with a problem.

Like listening to old songs – Feeling musty about old days.

Like watching an old movie – And reliving childhood.

Thanks to the gloomy days otherwise how we will relish these exhilarating moments of life.