सफल होना चाहते हो तो कभी निराश ना होना

If you want to succeed never back down..

There was a boy named Rahul, he was in 8th grade and was very poor in maths. He failed in maths for two consecutive years and hence was still in 8th class. His parents were very disappointed, this is his story:

Papa – “Rahul this time you should study hard and pass in maths”

Rahul – “I cannot Papa, i am not good in Math and do not understand it at all”

Papa – “But if you practice hard, you can learn it, keep practicing”

Rahul – Almost in tears, “i cannot Papa, i am not good…i cannot ” and started crying….

His Papa let it go at that time. But Rahul didn’t know what to do and did not study because of being down and disappointed with himself. He didn’t say anything to anyone…

Few days later Rahul got viral fever, he went to Dr. Ashok.

Dr.Ashok was handicapped he had only one hand, his right hand was operated and was cut from elbow.

Dr. Ashok saw Rahul, prescribed him medicines using his left hand, Rahul saw that his writing was very very good.

Rahul smiled and asked: “Dr Uncle, from when you have this and how it happened?”

Dr. Ashok said: “When i was a small boy I got hit by a car, my right hand had to operated and removed.”

Rahul: “Then you would have faced lot of problems, and would be very sad?”

Dr: “Yes Rahul, there were lot of problems and felt very sad, but i didn’t feel disappointed. I kept trying and trying, started writing with my left hand. And kept practicing and studying, today I am a Doctor.”
“If you want to succeed never feel disappointed.. keep trying…”

From that day onwards Rahul started studying hard and slowly he started learning maths. He passed and his results were very good. He learned if you want to succeed never be disappointed always keep trying…..


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