4 Leadership Characteristics to Develop…

Leadership isn’t a quality you either innately possess or lack; it’s the sum of eight skills you can develop over time. Here are four of the characteristics that will help you become recognized as a leader.

Authenticity. Work to build self-awareness, and put yourself in positions to highlight your strengths and improve on your weaknesses.

Curiosity. Ask questions about what you don’t know. Think expansively and ambitiously. Present as someone who constantly wants to learn, explore, and innovate.

Analytical thinking. Leadership requires the ability to break down complex problems, identify their root causes, and come up with fresh solutions. Develop your analytical skills by focusing on cause-and-effect relationships and being attentive to patterns and trends.

Adaptability. Take on assignments and seek out experiences that demand flexibility. Push yourself to work in new environments with different kinds of people.

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