50% or 60%…

A very close friend of mine Hitesh’s (Name changed) mother met with an accident at home because of which her right-hand elbow got broken to pieces. 

They went to a hospital and the doctor said to operate immediately. Before proceeding they went for a second opinion with an expert doctor. The expert said that if we operate, the elbow will heal 60% whereas if we don’t operate and allow self-healing your mother’s hand will be 50% healed.

So the operation will only make a difference of 10% between 50% to 60% of healing. Hence they finally decided that they will not get it operated and let it recuperate.

The moral of the story is that sometimes however hard we try in life, it may make just 10% of the difference in life, hence don’t worry if something is not happening as per plan.

Moreover, the better way is if we can figure out how much difference our hard work will make and plan ourselves accordingly.

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