6 minute miracle morning to make it ur day….

6 minute miracle morning to run ur day

  1. Minute one (Silence) – Spend the first minute in purposeful silence
  2. Minute two (Affirmation) – Affirm your goals and what u will do today at a higher level to accomplish.
  3. Minute three (Visualization) – Visualize what you want to accomplish and how happy it will make you.
  4. Minute four (Scribing) – Write down results you are committed to creating today.
  5. Minute five (Reading/Focus your mind) – Read something good which is positive, just a page or two. Or practice mindfulness for a minute.
  6. Minute Six (Exercise) – Do a one minute yoga to still your mind and body.

If possible start your day with these 6 minutes and improve your productivity manifold for the day.

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