A boy and a tree….

Once upon a time there lived a boy with his parents. His father always tells him to go and play outside but he is always inside playing with mobile/tablet or watch tv.

One day he went to play outside and met with a tree.

Tree said:- Will you play with me?
Boy :- No i am busy and cannot play with you.
Tree :- Sure, If you get tired you can rest under my branches..

After many years when boy become adult, he met with the tree…

Tree :- I am thirsty can u please give me some water.
Adult :- Cant you see I am busy, I cannot give you water.

After many years when the adult become old, he met the tree…

Tree :- How are you today, you look very tired and sad
Old man :- No one is listening or taking care of me, i have no friends left and my children also does not listen to me.
Tree :- I am sorry to hear this, but i will be your friend and help you in anyway you want…

Moral of story – Mother nature is always with us and helps us! How much we care about her?

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