Am I hard to work for?

Nobody wants to be a bad boss. Here are a few questions to help assess whether you are difficult to work with as a boss.

Are your standards unrealistic? 

Expecting excellence isn’t a bad thing. But if your standards are too high, you’re setting your team (and yourself) up to fail. Consider whether you have perfectionist habits that frequently impact your team. 

Are you a micromanager? 

Do you tell your employees exactly how things should be done, leaving no room for creativity or initiative? If so, shift your focus to outcomes. You can provide feedback and guidance along the way, but leave the process and execution to your team. In other words, don’t do the work for them.

Do you only delegate busy work? 

Everyone wants to grow, and if you raise the bar and let go of a little control, you will be surprised by how people respond. Use delegation as a tool for development.

Is your feedback overly negative? 

Aim for a 6:1 ratio of positive to negative feedback. If you don’t often deliver positive feedback, start by acknowledging your employees’ strengths and successes in a specific and timely way.

Ask these questions frequently and keep improving to become a better boss and manager.

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