Amateur vs Professional

I needed to get my visa photos, first given to a local digital studio, with a lot of “ohs” and “aahs” he gave me the photos, that were rejected. Wasted money and time.

The second time gave it to a professional digital studio, he did the job in half a time, without any fuss, with almost the same costs, and finally got the proper photos for the visa.

That’s the difference between amateur and professional.

An amateur will work hard but still screw the work and will waste time and money.

A professional will do great work, in a much shorter time and might cost a bit more but still be reasonable. 

You can make out a difference even if you are a novice. Like the photos, I can make out the difference.

A professional is born out of an amateur by learning, practicing, and being motivated to do the work, she doesn’t take a shortcut.

An amateur is a beginner who can choose to become a professional but with hard work, dedication, and lots of motivation to strive for better.

It is always better to choose a professional than an amateur as it will save time, and money and will lead to much better quality.

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