Anxious, change the mind channel…

We all wish to have a remote of our mind like a TV remote so we can easily change our mind channel.

Yes, there is a way, lets’ experiment with anxiety;

When you feel anxious next time.

Think about white bears (or your favorite movie character) for 30 seconds. Next, think of anything except white bears for 30 seconds. You will observe the white bears kept appearing in your thoughts. 

Then give yourself a simple task that requires full attention, like sorting a deck of cards by suit in 30 seconds. When finished, check whether you have any thoughts about white bears. The answer will probably be “no”.

This shows how changing your mind even for a short duration (30 seconds) can help change your thoughts. We can think of other healthy ways to “change the channel” in the future – like shooting hoops or baking cupcakes.

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