Are You Headed Toward Burnout?

If you’re feeling exhausted, how can you assess whether you’re heading toward burnout? You can track your burnout status with a simple, quick activity: 

The two-minute burnout checkup. 

Start by writing down how much stress, on a scale of 0 to 10 (0 being negligible, 10 being extreme), you experience from each of the six factors of burnout: workload, values (how you connect with your work on a deeper level), reward (both financial and social), control (the degree of autonomy you feel at work), fairness, and community. 

For example, if you’re finding it tough to connect with colleagues after working from home, you might score community an 8. Conversely, you might rank workload a 2 if you have a good amount to do but find the number of tasks manageable. Your overall score will give you a big-picture sense of how well you’re doing at that moment. While the total number of points (out of 60) is essential, what’s more, useful are your scores in each of the six categories. You’ll likely find that you’re healthy in some dimensions and unhealthy in others. 

Once you identify your pain points, you can devise strategic interventions to target them.

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