Are You Taking Effective Breaks from Work?

Taking breaks throughout the workday can boost both your well-being and performance, but far too few of us take them regularly—or use them effectively. Research suggests you consider the following factors to get the most out of your pause from work.

Length. A longer break isn’t always better. Disengaging from work for a few minutes but on a regular basis (micro-breaks) can be sufficient for preventing exhaustion and boosting performance.

Location. Changing locations will help you recharge. If you can get outside, even for a short walk, all the better.

Activity. Browsing social media is a popular, but not necessarily effective way to take a short break. Instead, choose to do something that enriches you, brings you joy, and gives you energy.

Pets! Research shows that interacting with a dog can lower levels of cortisol hormone, an objective indicator of stress. So if it’s possible to spend some time with a furry companion during the workday, give it a try.

Music. Music can be a really good breaker from work. It nourishes you and you feel really good after a good music break.

Movie or TV. Movie or TV watching can also be a good break, provided you use it effectively and within the time limit.

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