Are you too busy..

Are you too busy? Here is a litmus paper test: once or twice in a day, talking to your friends or families you will utter, I will call you back I am busy now, or sorry I am busy will call you later. Or if some good idea comes to your mind, you will say not now let me finish this task first!

Ever wondered why are we so busy, are we really working so hard or it’s just grinding into the day to day life making us busy. In both cases “Life is happening to us while we are being busy”.

Being busy makes us feel important and taking time off for ourselves makes us feel bad, feel guilty. As if not being busy we will not accomplish! We have tons of reasons to be busy.

Successfully people are not busy, they are working hard and are more productive, on a mission to accomplish things. Busy people have many priorities whereas productive people have few priorities.

Busy people want others to be busy, they want to be valued for their effort, not for their results. Productivity is about valuing the journey towards excellence, not any set of activities.

So going forward which category we want to belong to?¬†Don’t be busy, create something amazing. That’s the best reward.

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