Be Happy to Be Lucky…

Consider this, if you are happy these statements will be true:

• You will be healthy: Given that you are happy, your mind & body will be in sync and you will be in a healthy state.

• You will work smart and hard: Being in the state of happiness you will be sharp and can work harder if and when required.

• You will be a good decision maker: Whatever decisions you take most of them will turn out good since you are taking them in happy mode, not pressure or fear mode.

• People around you will love to be with you: People around you, be your family, your team, and your friends will all be happy around you since you will spread that feeling. They will love to be in your company.

• You will connect more with happy people: In and around you will connect more with happy and successful people.

• You will be more communicative and open: If we are happy, in general, we are in more accepting mode and open mode to ideas, to feedback, to improve, and to learn.

With all the above points in your favor, how you cannot be lucky?

So be happy and luck will follow you!

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