Be Proactive About Your Career Development…

Some people enter the workforce thinking their manager is responsible for their career development, but that strategy is rarely successful. Instead of waiting for your boss to bring it up, take your career-development conversation into your own hands.

Start with self-reflection. Develop a clear understanding of where you are right now, where you want to be in a few years, and what long-term success ultimately means to you. Once you’ve reflected on your trajectory, request a meeting with your manager (and be sure not to fold this conversation into your routine check-in). During the meeting, talk about your self-reflection, ask for their feedback, and express your desire to discuss your career development.

Finally, after the meeting, draft a forward-looking plan that outlines next steps, including new skills you’d like to acquire, projects you’ve agreed to take on, and stakeholders you’d like to begin building relationships with. Once you’ve outlined your goals and milestones, set up some time to review your plan with your manager, and check in periodically to ensure you stay on track.

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