Believe in Yourself….

We keep hearing this phrase:- “Believe in yourself” and you can do anything….

This comes back in different phases of life, whether its office, job or school/college. We all know that we should have self-believe and confidence. But the real question is can we learn it? Yes I think it can be thru lot of practice, preparation & hardwork.

As the saying goes “Hardwork is 99% and luck is just 1%”. It’s because if we work hard and do our preparation well, self-belief will automatically come. Yes may be not in first time, it might take couple of tries, not because we have not worked hard, but because we have not pushed our hardwork in right direction.

For example if someone have to give presentation to an audience and have completely memorized the presentation. But still cannot deliver, than hardwork should be to go and give mock presentations infront of as many as people – friends/family/peers possible before the final presentation, thats the right direction of hardwork. Whereas someone may have difficulty in memorizing the presentation but can deliver what he memorizes. Than he/she has to go and learn how to memorize a presentation.

Different people have different problems, hardwork has to be applied where we think we will fail.

And that will give us confidence. So with right preparation and hardwork we can achieve self-believe. Lets go and create Believe in yourself!

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