In a small village, there was a family, they were barely able to make their ends meet. Father use to work as a labor traveling daily to a nearby city and comes back in evening with a small amount of money. There were no savings and all they earned were spent daily.

He has a son and a daughter who wanted to go school but since they didn’t have any money they cannot go. One day the boy found a 100 Rs note stuck in one of the paths near their home. He took the money and showed it to his mother and sister. All of them first became very happy but then mother decided that we should wait for the person who lost the money, he might be back for the money.

In the evening father returned and learned about the money and how the boy has found it. He also said that let’s wait for whoever the money is to return. Hence they all waited with a skeptical mood that someone will be coming to get the money back. But no one came that night or the next day or even a week.

After some time they understood that no one will be coming for the money, as he forgot or lost it.

100 Rs was a big amount for them, so they decided to save it and use it only when required. The money in the house seems to have given new hope and power to the father, now he goes early and instead of manual labor he tried doing carpentry help work, which he knew a bit. That increased his daily earning and slowly it grew. Mother, the boy, and the girl also had new zeal, the boy started helping her in nearby household work, and the girl started going school. After some time the boy also started going to school.

That 100 Rupee note was still intact and saved by them. As things improved both of them topped in school exams and went to college with scholarships. Slowly they also started earning after graduation and allowed the parents a peaceful life.

The 100 Rupee note is still intact with them. As if it’s a savior and god send a message to them to change their ways. Believe comes to us from very different and unexpected ways, keep watching for those and believe¬†in it…

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