Build Learning into Team’s Culture…

How can you help your team learn in the flow of work? Here are three strategies to try. 

Build constructive feedback.

To start, build constructive feedback into your team’s regular workflows. Allot time in meeting agendas and project calendars to consider what worked well and what would make the process and outcomes even better. Proactively showing your team what they’re doing well will increase confidence and prompt people to continue stretching their potential. 

Normalise making mistakes.

Next, normalize making mistakes so employees fear them less and learn from them more. Encourage them to quickly share with someone else when they mess up, focusing on the question: What did you learn from that mistake? To model this behavior, you might start your monthly team meeting by sharing an insight you learned from a mistake you made. 

Encourage experimentation.

Finally, encourage experimentation. Show your team that you’re open to their pitches and willing to prototype and pilot good ideas. You might ask: What is one idea for improvement that would support you in achieving your objectives for this quarter? To make that idea happen, what would you need to start, stop, or change? And how could you test that idea quickly? Asking your employees to think outside the box will stoke learning and development on your team.

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