Can there be a set path to success?

To have a set path to success, there are a few things that should happen:

  1. The end goal should be constant i.e. for you and me the success end goal should be the same, but most of the time end goal changes, in fact, it changes almost as soon as you are closer to it.
  2. With the changes in our environment, our life, and our equation with other people, we are in a constant mode of evaluation, evaluating whether this is a successful state or not. Since this becomes a factor of the environment that keeps changing, it’s hard to define a fixed success path.
  3. You outgrow your success as soon as you attain it, imagine when you were younger, what was your dream? When I was in college my dream was to get a high-paying job, a really good high-class house or apartment, and a decent car, and then I am done. But as soon as I attended this, the need become more, it became greed..and more …and more…

There is only one way to have a fixed path to success and that is to change your mind, to change it to view success in small things, to view success in daily things, to view success in growth, to view success in learnings.

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