Career Setbacks Are Opportunities to Grow…

You’ll likely face a setback or two at some point in your career. Maybe you’ll be passed over for a promotion or job you want or even be laid off. But short-term setbacks can actually fuel long-term success. Here’s how to grow through a difficult moment in your career.

First, explore whether your career goals truly fit your current aspirations, skills, and knowledge. Reflect and be honest with yourself if they’re in need of an update. And if you find they are, consider what pivots you’ll need to make to help you achieve these new goals.

Then, open yourself to unorthodox opportunities in your wider field. Once you let go of self-imposed boundaries that constrain you, new pathways will open up. Ask yourself what aspects of your work you’ve enjoyed the most, and what other settings your skill set could be useful in. Tap into your network and have conversations with people inside your industry—and beyond—to think through what an unorthodox move could look like.

Finally, develop new habits that reflect a growth mindset. Use this setback as a motivator to learn about yourself and improve in ways that serve you. That could mean building a new daily routine, going back to school (or taking a course), building your network—or anything else that might help you grow into the next chapter of your career.

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