Choose a Career That Matches Your Personality…

Don’t beat yourself up if you have the type of personality where you get easily bored or distracted. You’re not alone. And as long as you choose a job or career that matches your natural temperament, there’s no reason you can’t be successful. 

For example, you might consider entrepreneurship, a career path that provides lots of variety. From coming up with an idea, to finding the resources to turn that idea into action, to interact with customers or clients, there’s rarely time for boredom or routine. 

If you have difficulty switching off or disconnecting, you may want to consider a career in PR or media production. There’s never a dull moment in those jobs where you have to be prepared to react to news or learn how to communicate with very different audiences in a wide range of media. 

Another career if you want to avoid monotony and routine is consulting, where you regularly interact with new clients and take on novel problems. 

Your personality is an inherent part of who you are. Identifying a role that is a fit for your natural disposition will help you improve your job performance and maximize your career potential.

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