Combat Information Overload When You Start a New Job

Starting a new job is exciting. But with it comes the often overwhelming task of digesting tons of new information. It can overload your brain and if not managed, make your shiny new role much less enjoyable. Pay attention to signs that you’re overwhelmed. This might be a headache, fatigue, frustration, or even mood swings. Don’t try to ignore these effects. Say to yourself, “I’m in a new job and there is plenty to learn here. It’s normal to feel this way.” This positive self-talk will help neutralize the situation and make your emotions easier to manage. 

Consider taking a short break, going for a walk, and resetting your attention and focus when you return. Remind yourself that all systems take time to learn and you’re doing just that — learning. 

Next, be strategic about how you spend your energy. You don’t need to process everything at once. Take in anything that you might need immediately and make note of where to find the information you won’t need until later.

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