Compassion vs Comparison…

Compassion is a sympathetic concern for others’ suffering.

Comparison is evaluating the self with others well being.

In a way, both are the flip sides of a coin.

In today’s world comparison drives most of our action and compassion drive very few of them.

Why? Because comparison is quick and dirty, invoke it, get it flaunted, drive the wants (Short term fulfillments) and go to the next comparison. Drivers are social media platforms, commercial companies, and media companies. Their motto is to extract as much from social comparison as possible.  

Compassion is dying because no one wants to look weak, no one wants to look in suffering if u are good…I am also good. 

In the war of comparison and compassion, the biggest winner will be these companies and the biggest loser will be us. As we are the ones, running the comparison race without any compassion for each other.

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