Create Mini Habits to Build Habits….

All of us want to create good habits so that we be happier and more content in life. But somehow the tasks of getting into good habits become so huge that we all give up.

A simple solution is instead of trying to create habits with a longer cycle, create mini habits by breaking your habits into mini steps. As its proven:

It’s all about practice, not performance when we are looking to create a habit.

Here are few examples of breaking into small steps for mini habits:

Exercising: Start the exercising by doing one pushup a day, make sure you achieve it consistently daily. You can do more than one day but one is mandatory.
Writing: Start with one line per day, make sure you write one line per day without fail (Offcourse you can write more 🙂 )

I am sure all of us can figure out smarter ways to break our own wannabe habits into mini habits and accomplish our goals, so go create mini habits to build habits!!!


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