Delegate Like a Boss…

It’s frustrating when you try to delegate a project and it doesn’t get done correctly or on time. But it’s not necessarily the other person’s fault — the problem is often in your approach to delegation. You might be either too involved, or not involved enough. If you jump in too early after the handoff, your colleague never has the opportunity to take ownership. On the flip side, you need to provide enough guidance to set the person up for success. So think of yourself as a coach, and ask open-ended questions, such as, “How would our chief competitor respond to this strategy?” Another reason your attempts to delegate may fail is because the recipient lacks initiative or follow-through.

In this case, make sure you’ve communicated your expectations. You might share a one-page document that lists top priorities, signals the kind of work you plan to reward, and provides accountability. Finally, be careful about your expectations around timing. You might think a task is “quick,” but you probably didn’t think so the first time you were asked to do it. So ask the other person for a time estimate, and if it doesn’t sound right, ask about their process. Having this conversation early on will help the two of you get on the same page and will save you a headache down the road.

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