Delegating to your Team…

Giving employees autonomy to make decisions and solve problems is critical for your team’s innovation, performance, and motivation. But for many managers, trusting your team’s ability to self-manage is easier said than done. 

Here’s how you can mentally prepare to delegate. 

Reflect on what’s holding you back from empowering people to make decisions in the past. Is a specific failure haunting you? Are you a controlling person by nature? What were your feelings when you delegated in the past, and what can you learn from them? 

Next, plan for a gradual transition of responsibilities. Start by giving low-risk decisions to capable people. This approach will help you build up confidence in yourself as a delegator—and in your employees as decision-makers—before you distribute responsibility more widely. Think of this as an opportunity to grow. 

As you develop as a leader, it’s natural to shift your focus from small, in-the-weeds decisions to bigger-picture ones that inform strategy, innovation, and growth. Embrace these newer, higher-stakes responsibilities. 

Finally, remind yourself that increased autonomy is good for your team’s morale. The best leaders give their people opportunities to develop and harness their own insights.

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