Do People See You as a Strategic Thinker?

Are you a strategic thinker? And more importantly, do your boss and senior leaders see you that way? Here are some ways to show key people in your organization that you’re leadership material.

First, communicate your perspective. When talking to your manager and other leaders, demonstrate that you’re forward-looking and well-informed. For example, instead of focusing on short-term specifics, look for opportunities to offer observations about the big picture. Using language such as “Considering our organization’s three-year vision…” or “Reflecting on the trajectory of innovation in our industry…” shows a strategic vision.

Next, showcase your critical thinking. Being strategic is often about anticipating possible outcomes or unintended consequences—and connecting the dots not everyone sees. For example, “This product has the potential to…” or “Beyond the immediate benefits, our long-term gains include…” If you regularly position yourself as an analytical voice of reason, decision-makers will begin to trust your input over time.

Finally, simplify the complicated. Strategic thinkers can break down complex situations in simple yet powerful terms. To distill complicated issues down to their essentials, use explanations like “In essence, this technology can…” or “At its core, our strategy rests on three pillars…” Analogies and metaphors can also bring your comprehension to life—and make it relatable to a broader audience.

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