Does Your Team Vibe Feel Off?

Is your team feeling stuck, stymied, or just a bit stale? Maybe you’ve lost your collective sense of purpose. Maybe interpersonal tensions are building. Or maybe it just doesn’t feel quite like a team anymore.

How can you intervene as a manager? Understand that it’s normal for team dynamics to ebb and flow over time and reflect on what exactly feels off. Then decide whether your team ultimately needs to be realigned or revitalized.

To realign your team, start by resetting mandates and goals. Ask yourself and your team: What external trends do we need to adapt to? How should our team’s role and value shift as the organization evolves around us? Adapt your targets and metrics accordingly—and reevaluate your strategies, workflows, and individual responsibilities to optimize for these new goals.

To revitalize your team, start by auditing your communication habits. Your ultimate goal is to establish new ground rules that make collaboration simpler and more respectful. What’s working? What’s causing friction? Don’t be afraid to redesign your communication channels and expectations to reflect the needs of your team. (This includes rethinking your team’s meeting culture, too.)

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