Dont blow ur mind…

Teaching/Managing someone or a group requires lots of patience. To get into their shoes and limit urself to run with their pace is one of the most difficult & intensive work.
It’s like you have an engine of double or triple horsepower but need to run with the lesser caliber of others.
But here are the considerations on why we should do it:
#How u will add up another person to your mission and dream unless we synchronize ourselves with them?
#While the other person is slow in one area and you are holding the reins. The situation can be the other way around for a subject where u r novice.
So hold urself while thinking of blowing ur mind in frustration. And show trust instead of rolling up ur sleeves.
All in good time, it will come back to you as a nice gesture to help others grow.
So hold it..don’t blow ur mind away…

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