Expectations shouldn’t run your daily chores…

We should not run our daily chores based on expectations but should run them based on our habits, our dreams, and our goals. 

Expectations are flimsy, they are whimsical, and they are like half-cooked dreams which don’t give us proper direction or allow us the path.

I am expected to write daily, nope, I write from 7 am-8 am daily. I am expecting it will happen, nope it didn’t happen, need to make it happen.

Another problem with expectations is it cascades failures, if you fail in one, you fail in the next and kind of keep failing next to next till the day is over. 

The action of doing with a routine is much more powerful than expectations, expectations deter us with questions, if I write will it help? Why it will not help? etc

So don’t keep expectations, keep goals, keep habits, keep actions, just do it daily, weekly and monthly.

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