Feeling Disengaged at Work? Here’s How to Recommit…

It’s normal to feel mentally checked out at work from time to time. But especially in times of economic uncertainty, when your job stability could be in question, it’s important to check back in and refocus on your professional reputation.

Start by determining your career commitments. Ask yourself, “What do I want to be known for at work?” Perhaps it’s your enthusiasm, great communication skills, reliability, or ability to work well under pressure. These might be new skills you want to learn, or old ones you want to fine-tune or improve.

Then, commit to an action plan to bring these skills to life. You don’t need to make big, sweeping changes—even small shifts in body language, mindset, communication, visibility, or productivity can result in a significant and lasting impact on your reputation.

Finally, commit to solving simple but impactful problems. Don’t underestimate how much value you can add just by sharing or applying what you already know. Being an impactful problem solver could be as simple as showing a coworker how to use a tool they’re unfamiliar with, or troubleshooting an issue that’s impeding your team’s productivity.

As you embark on these next steps, avoid seeking external validation from others as the only measure of your success. The investment you’re making in your career is invaluable.

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