Feeling insecure, make yourself valuable…

In today’s environment where job security is a big concern whether you are in FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) or a startup or any other tech company. It feels insecure to be in the current situation and nudges us to somehow make ourselves indispensable.

At the same time making ourselves indispensable in an organization might bite back. By making yourself too irreplaceable you could get stuck in the current role and stymie your career development. Which could become scarier.

So what steps you should take?

Focus on what you can control. 

Start with small steps. First, understand your strengths and reevaluate where they can be applied at the individual level, team level, and current organization level. Be frank with yourself and your manager (If you have a supportive one). Maybe volunteer for work which excites you even though it is beneath your grade or level. This will help you build confidence and reduce stress.

Team-first growth mindset.

Instead of trying to make yourself irreplaceable, focus on making yourself a valuable member of your team. In other words, rather than becoming a gatekeeper or the only go-to person for a specific process, search for new opportunities to help everyone. Be proactive about adapting your responsibilities—and adopting new ones—to meet the team’s changing needs and goals. Don’t wait to be asked. You might notice, for example, a leadership gap in certain meetings, or a process tweak that would make everyone’s lives easier. Step up to help fill the void. 

Look for opportunities within the company.

Also, look for opportunities to contribute that take advantage of your unique strengths. Ultimately, your goal is to become an integral member of your team and your company, rather than just a high-performing solo operator. 

If you supplement your role-specific expertise with this team-first growth mindset, you’ll be on your way to your next promotion or at least be safe in the current turmoil.

Practice self-compassion. 

In the end, whatever happens…happens, you keep giving your bests. And be extra gentle with yourself. Reconnect with people you love outside of work. Spend quality time with them to brighten your mood, alleviate tension, and remind yourself how you deserve to be treated.

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