Fight for your limitations you get to keep them…

“I want to go to this event, I can meet lots of interesting people and enjoy, oh! but I am not good at socializing, let’s skip

I want to try painting as a hobby but I am not creative, let’s skip it

I want to write a blog but my English language is not good, let’s skip it

I want to try doing X but I do not have Y hence I cannot do X, let’s skip

The last sentence will fit for many things we do not try. As if we are fighting for our limitations and hence the limitations never change.

A child, she doesn’t know any limitations and hence she has no limitations. She tries everything that invokes curiosity.
But as we grow we stereotype ourselves as per parents, peers & society. And, we keep convincing ourselves based on failure in one or two incidents in the past.

Oh! he is so introvert and doesn’t mingle with others

I failed in stage performance once, hence I don’t know how to perform in front of an audience

Unfortunately, we remember negatives more that we remember positives. And start criticizing ourselves to the extent we stop trying.

One of my friends use to play guitar but in his first stage performance, his guitar strings broke hence he couldn’t perform. Booed by the audience he vouched never to play guitar again. Yes, it might have been a big thing at that time but does that mean he shouldn’t play guitar or do not perform?

Let’s look back for any of our shortcomings (The shortcomings in our mind) and try to remember the incident or feedback which might have led to it.
Does the incident or feedback have any relevance now? No. But due to our constant fighting ourselves to remind it, we have now a fully developed limitation.

So let’s not fight for our limitations but fight against them, try new things, try older things we missed. Let’s not worry about the past. It will not only remove our limitations and help us grow but also give us childlike happiness.

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