Force our body and mind will follow…

In general, we know that our mind drives our body. If your body is in pain while running, your mind will still force it to run as it benefits us. It’s called willpower.

Similarly, our body can also drive our mind, specifically true with habits, it’s a sequence that if you follow triggers the same pattern in your mind and ensures a set of actions. 

Hence it’s a good idea to allow the body to do a pattern of actions and our mind also will come into action.

The current blog I am writing is with body force, it’s late at the night, and my mind was telling me to skip the writing today. But when I sat down in my usual chair with my laptop/editor and started typing, the words started flowing in.

So it helps if the body follows a pattern along with the corresponding environment to force the mind to start working.

Yoga, sports, and physical exercises are other ways to force the mind to follow the body.

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