Getting your smallest point across is critical…..

Have you faced a situation where u think that if you say something to someone it will be ignored. It can be anything as small as telling your friends “No” for a party or letting your manager know about a project detail to make better decision.

In all these situations we assume that our opinion really might not have changed it. Or would have not impacted in anyway. But these small things matter most not just because of the impact it makes in the current situation but it also becomes a habit.

It matters even if you are best performer in your group, showing concern and giving appropriate feedback is what a Leader or Manager looks at his subordinates.

It is also very critical in household, if you do not share minor fears or thoughts with your spouse or parents how will you make bigger decisions together with them? This is where lot of times it leads to so much discrepencies that it results in either divorce or losing your child or misunderstanding your parents.

Also with this small step everyone will start recgonizing that i can talk to him/her and might get good suggestion or inputs.

So whether you are a friend, spouse, or employee, next time an opinion comes and you think its appropriate to say it, please speak up and be polite even if its not to the other likings they will understand.

And whats more you will feel much better about yourself!

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