Gloomy days…

Gloomy days are an important part of life, as they remind us of small things that are more important than the bigger things.

Like the morning tea – Whatever your mood it swings back to good.

Like the mindful yoga – It rejuvenates the day.

Like watching the sun play hide/seek – Waiting for sunlight to comeback.

Like the kiss to/from kids – It gives you instant energy.

Like the kiss from ur partner – It reminds you someone loves u no matter what. 

Like sitting all together in the living room – Talking about random things in life.

Like calling a friend – Reminding us we are not the only one getting old or stuck with a problem.

Like listening to old songs – Feeling musty about old days.

Like watching an old movie – And reliving childhood.

Thanks to the gloomy days otherwise how we will relish these exhilarating moments of our life.

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