Harness the Power of Curiosity at Work…

When you can’t focus, your mind tells you that a “quick” look, click, or check is what you should do right now. If you find yourself constantly derailed by your unfettered curiosity, here’s how to intentionally direct it to help you identify new ideas, opportunities, and creative solutions to problems.

First, identify what’s useful—and hold off on everything else. Productive curiosity is directed toward something that you actually want and need to get done. If you come across something else that catches your interest, add it to a list of future items to explore when you have more time.

Then, apply intentional curiosity to problem solving. Give yourself some time and space to figure out what’s truly causing an issue before leaping to solve it. This pause is where you can apply intentional curiosity by doing research, investigating the data, and talking with stakeholders.

Finally, be curious about your work relationships. Challenge the assumptions you hold about your colleagues. Consider what challenges they might be facing, both at work and at home, and express interest in offering support where you can. This sort of collegial curiosity will uncover opportunities to deepen your relationships and improve your team’s culture.

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