High Sensitivity Personality…

High sensitivity, also called sensory processing sensitivity, relates to having a more reactive nervous system, attuning to subtleties in the environment, and processing information more deeply. It’s a trait that’s been researched for more than 30 years and is found within 15% to 30% of the population. And yet, the majority of us aren’t aware of it. 

Here are three distinct strengths of highly sensitive people (HSPs), and their benefits:

HSPs are skilled at spotting patterns, reading between the lines, and catching subtle cues. It gives them an edge over others to solve real-world problems faster if they can detach themselves.

HSPs are more attuned to others’ emotions and needs. Hence can be savvy persuaders and influencers, they are in general experts in their field. 

HSPs have an uncanny ability to listen to multiple perspectives and find common ground, especially when conflict, tensions, or negotiations.

While they have a lot of advantages but one of the most significant disadvantages comes with the emotion attached to being sensitive.

If you are HSPs try to manage your emotion and use these traits to your advantage.

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