How does exercising affects us?

I do not believe exercising is going to be any good, yes never! Sure playing sports is an exercise we use to do that in childhood and colleges but that was more to hang around with friends.

Who want to really become Tendulkar or Dhoni, rather can become, very few!

After some days once you get into earning bread, things get piled up and you are out of shape. Working day & night or watching movies or hanging around with friends is all you do, moreover if you have a family, kids then you are more pressed again time to do anything about it. And it looks more and more as a waste of time. Club this with stress and pressure at work, now you have a perfect life 🙂

With all this who wants to spend time running half an hour in morning or play some sports, forget it! Let’s send that mail first or I need to talk to my boss for some issues blah blah! Our mind keeps on babbling.
But wait something changed, yes it did. One day out of reading loads of books on failure/success, motivational & stress management, I read something to do with exercising easy way of managing all. Now how can that be? How can exercise help in these things? With still that notion I started initial walks for 15-20 minutes and try to keep that regular to half an hour now.

The impact was immediate. Here are some points which I observe and some borrowed from other reads:

  1. More ideas start coming and things were moving much faster because decision making was much faster.
  2. More risk orientation, earlier for anything  can find thousands reason not to do, but now with one single good reason you do it.
  3. No more sleep hours in office, yes afternoon cat nap was not required anymore, this is for those who steal a nap.
  4. Better management of expectations with others for others, yes with this you will be much more confident so you can communicate things much better with others and reap the benefits.

These are some of my immediate positive impacts after exercising, still I would say long way to go but some start….

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