How to Answer One of the Hardest Job Interview Questions

The job interview question, “Tell me about yourself,” can be the most challenging to answer. It requires careful consideration to provide an effective response. Rather than sharing your life story or job history, focus on what the company needs from the role you are applying for.

Begin by reviewing the job description and identifying key requirements and desired skills. Look for phrases like “required,” “must have,” and “highly desired.” Then, research the company’s corporate culture and core values. Visit their website’s “About Us” section to understand what they stand for and what they’re looking for in a candidate.

Consider how you can connect your background and interests to what the company is seeking. Practice your response so that you can confidently deliver it during the interview. You want to sound like your career has been building towards this role and that you are the best candidate to fill it. Remember, the interviewer is not looking for a monologue of your professional and personal life, but rather a clear and concise statement of your qualifications and relevance to the role.

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