How to Build a Personal Brand

In today’s world, everyone is a brand, for better or worse. Whether you’re applying for a job, asking for a promotion, or writing a dating profile, your success will depend on getting others to recognize your value—so you need to get comfortable marketing yourself. These seven steps will help you better manage your image and the impact you have on the world.

  • Define your purpose by exploring your mission, passion, and strengths. What difference do you want to make to the people you care about? And how?
  • Audit your personal brand equity by cataloging your credentials, doing a self-assessment, and researching how other people view you.
  • Construct your personal narrative by identifying memorable, resonant stories that will best convey your brand—and then tell those stories.
  • Embody your brand by paying attention to the message you’re sending in every social interaction.
  • Communicate your brand through speeches, social media, the press, and other channels.
  • Socialize your brand by getting influential people (influencers, promoters, groups, and clubs) to share your stories.
  • Reevaluate and adjust your brand by doing an annual audit to find deficits to fix—and strengths to build on.

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