How to build the Best Team…

“Best Team” is the holy grail for any company big or small. But it’s not easy to build a top-notch team. Here are a few things, that’s critical to build the “Best Team”
# Hiring:– Hiring is one of the most complex problems. Its a multi-billion dollar industry but still difficult to find the bests. It’s not about skill-set but a lot of soft parameters and that’s where we fail to judge most of the times.
Further budget constraints, timing issues – how to hire a skill-set at a particular time. Attitude & culture fit with the current team.
All this makes it much more difficult. So how do we hire the best person with the right skills, the right attitude, fits well with the team?
One solution is to always keep hiring, keep looking for talent, especially in the most critical teams. For example, if you are a tech company, always keep looking for good tech talents. Always!
# Invest in your best performers:- Focus on best performers they are your assets, nurture them to go the next level. With this, your team can grow in the best way possible.
# Layoff non-performers ASAP:- Don’t be scared to fire non-performers as soon as you know. Things are already in a mess if you have a non-performer.
Forget trying to mold them, giving them chances, you are wasting your critical time and money. More than anything it actually de-motivates the performers as well. Move on fast…
It gives another reason to keep hiring to replace the non-performers as soon as possible.
# Strong HR:- Don’t think of HR as a support function. HR is most critical for both hiring and creating productive teams. They help build culture, team motivations and help scale the team. Build a strong HR team.
# Build Team Top Down:- Hire the leaders first, invest time in hiring the best managers or team leaders. They can help you build the “Best Team”. This might be difficult because of budget constraints but whenever possible try to do get the Seniors or Leaders first in the team.
I find the above points very critical for the making of the “Best Team”, though it’s not full proof. Let me know your thoughts by adding comments below.

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