How to coach your team…

Being a great manager isn’t just about helping individuals reach their full potential—it’s also about leading your team as a unit. Here are the three main coaching approaches that can help your team develop together and achieve collective goals.

No-blame coaching. Treating both success and failure as opportunities to learn will allow your team to become more willing to challenge assumptions, admit when something isn’t working, and pivot from mistakes—which, in turn, enables faster and cheaper failures, and bigger breakthroughs.

Discussion-based coaching. Take a Socratic approach to team discussions, asking great questions and giving your team the space to problem-solve and brainstorm in their own way. With this approach, you’ll gain insight into how well team members understand the work and where additional support may be required.

Problem-based coaching. Treat problems and challenges as opportunities for team development. Rather than stepping in and taking over when a problem arises, encourage your team to work together to solve it—with your availability and support. This approach will lead to accelerated learning, boosted confidence, and collective investment in the work.

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