How to get the best out of your team…

As a manager, you need to have confidence in your team’s engagement, effort, and performance. How to get the best out of your team? Start by asking yourself these six questions.

Have I been clear about expectations? Without this cue, your team won’t feel a sense of purpose—or be able to strategically organize their time, energy, and resources.

Are those expectations reasonable? If the current goals are unrealistic, you may need to seek out more resources or recalibrate your expectations. You may also need to provide more guidance to help your team achieve its goals.

Could something else be going on? If you notice a dip in someone’s performance, have a direct and kind conversation to find out the cause. Be patient: There may be personal events at play, such as an ailing family member, a breakup, or additional caregiving responsibilities.

Am I in the way? Grant your team the autonomy to realize your vision. Don’t micromanage.

Am I holding everyone to the same standard? Beware unconscious bias. If you’re unsure whether you’re being fair to everyone, talk with a trusted colleague to get their perspective on the situation.

Am I providing good and timely feedback? Reach out and set up a candid conversation as soon as a potential misalignment appears. It’s much better to catch it early, and not let issues fester.

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