How to stay calm when you are about to be stressed…

How can we stay calm when we are about to be stressed?

Simplest way to stay calm when about to be stressed is by being prepared, by visualizing and identifying the areas where you would get stressed. And taking corrective measures to come out it without losing yourself. It’s easier said than done and each of us has different trigger points for stress, some in interviews, some to talk their bosses, some before exams etc…

Do a Pre-mortem…

A pre-mortem — also known as a premortem — is a managerial strategy in which a manager imagines that a project or organization has failed, and then works backward to determine what potentially could lead to the failure of the project or organization.

Try to understand the stress situation before hand since while in stress your brain will not function as much. And then practice or build cues that help you pass the situation with flying colors.

If you keep doing this, after some practice that stress area or point will no longer be stressful.

So let’s be calm and be ready for Stress….


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