How to Support Nursing Parents at Work…

Is your workplace supportive of nursing parents? As a leader, you can help your organization go beyond simply complying with new regulations and signal commitment and care for nursing employees returning to work.

Start by considering the spaces available to employees who need to pump at work. Ask yourself: Do we have enough pumping rooms for the size of our workplace? How is the location of these rooms communicated? How do employees schedule the use of the rooms? When a room is in use, how is that communicated in a way that creates goodwill? And is it a warm, welcoming, and well-equipped space?

Next, seek input from your employees who have used the space (or who might use it one day). You might ask them: Where did you get most of your information regarding pumping at work? Were you able to easily locate pumping rooms? Did workplace pumping rooms offer a comfortable and user-friendly environment? What was missing? What benefits and support would you add?

Assess the responses and look for ways to improve. Even small things—like a sturdy chair with a straight back, user-specific cubbies, and a clean refrigerator—can make a big difference.

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