I am filtering ChatGPT and you will too…

Recently one of my team members sent me an email about the salary increase and how he deserves a better raise. Now don’t get me wrong generally we do give appropriate raises but these are trying times.

I didn’t consider his request genuine and gave it a passing thought because most of it was generated using ChatGPT. I can easily make out that the sentences and vocab used were not his and it’s formulated using Generative AI. Even though the mail was good and to the point, but, it was rather too good and accurate. Hence my suggestion is to be genuine not be lazy and don’t use the tool for everything, specifically if there is ingenuity and originality required, be yourself.

When to use and when not to use ChatGPT is at your discretion but beware that everyone can filter the ChatGPT-generated text and may not feel your passion, pain & emotion if it’s wrapped around ChatGPT text.

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