Missed buses in life….

Today i learnt an important lesson from a small incident of a school boy. He would not be much older than my son around 8-9 yrs boy, crying in corner of a parking lot in our apartment complex. He was trying to get his school bag out of his bycycle as the bag was entangled into the cycle. It was a soft and long cry thinking that he has missed the school bus and was worried what will happen next. I helped him, took his bag and took him to bus stop, were we figured the bus was yet to come, i asked him to drink some water and brought his tiffin which was left in the cycle.

After knowing the bus is yet to come he stopped crying and i left him there waiting for the bus.

This got me thinking if he would missed the bus what worst could have happened ? he would have not gone to school today or his parents would have scolded him and dropped him to school a bit late. But in his mind it was the biggest problem as if whole world will collapse and he need to somehow catch the bus!

I think all of us somewhere are trying to get into that bus, our own buses, which is really good. But what happens if we miss our bus, we all will cry in our own way or get worried or get so desparate oh! why it happened ? what will happen now ? but if we look back and see how many buses we have missed, what have we gained out of it. Sometimes its much better to miss the bus instead of getting into the bus. Also in life there are lot more buses than we usually can see, we get biased by our own short view, as if something huge will happen and we will not be able live beyond that….

So lets keep trying, keep falling, keep failing, yes we may miss today’s bus because of 10 reasons which is not in our control, but someday we will get our buses and than yet again another will come…


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