Inspiration from Mr. Jha

Mr. Jha is a cancer patient who lives in our locality. And while I have seen in movies these kinds of inspirations it’s the first time I have seen it so close to me.

When I first met Mr. Jha in our community badminton court, he was the most jolly person I have met. With his round eyes, big round cheeks, bald head with white hair in patches, and always-ready smile, the most prominent of all was to make everyone around him laugh. Although his age would have been the late 50s you would get an impression of a younger person because of his energetic exuberance.

When I met him after the cancer treatment and while he was recovering, it was a shock, the man was looking like a stripped-down version of himself, with hollow cheeks, a bald head, and a half-grown stubble around the face, still, the smile remained, and what remained is his jolly nature with the power to still make others laugh.

Yes, the treatment deteriorated his body but still, the man and his soul remained unperturbed. He is a real inspiration to all of us who are saddened even in small matters. We feel let down even if a small thing doesn’t go as planned and a quick blame to throw at everyone around us.

The biggest lesson for me is to live a happy life with smaller things and if things are changing consider it to be changing for good around you. And if there are things not in your control, be happy, accept it, and move forward.

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