Introducing AI into Your Organization

Given the rapid emergence of generative AI, you may be wondering how you should prepare to introduce it at your organization. Start by framing the technology as a set of systems your team can use for collaboration. You can do this by focusing on three things:

  • Ensure everyone has a basic understanding of how digital systems work. Emphasize to your team that they don’t have to become programmers or data scientists. You simply need them to take a new and proactive approach to collaboration (learning to work across platforms), computation (asking and answering the right questions), and change (accepting that it’s the only constant).
  • Make sure your organization is prepared for continuous adaptation and change. Communicate with other leaders to break down silos and build a centralized repository of knowledge and data. Integrating AI not only means familiarizing yourself and your employees with today’s technologies, but also being structurally prepared to adapt to future advancements.
  • Build AI into your operating model. If your organization’s tech systems are static, your organization will be static. But if they’re flexible, your organization will be, too. Dismantle data silos, increase cross-functional collaboration, and help to build a software- and data-driven operating model that can harness AI’s potential.

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