It doesn’t matter how hard you work…

Have you worked really hard for something and still haven’t got it? Ever wonder about the reason for not getting it?

There can be many, maybe you are too early in the time, maybe your partner or team goofed up, maybe you fear froze at the last minute, or maybe you were not good enough as others were.  Your hard work and their hard work were different, they were more focused, and they had luck.

But it still does not mean that hard work doesn’t work. It means that hard work only works in comparison with others. So if you are judging yourself, judge your competitors too. 

And if hard work has worked 80% of the time. That’s good enough for most of our life, and if you work in an office you could use resources from this to organize the work space.

So it doesn’t matter if hard work hasn’t worked, still need to work hard, as that’s the only factor in our control.

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